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Strategic Directions 2015 – 2018


Download our Karitane Strategic Directions 2015 – 2018


  1. Facilitate Strategic Partnerships

    Collaborative relationships with strong strategic partners to position Karitane as a thought leader, program innovator and trusted provider of parenting services
    • Create a Strategic Partnership Blue Print (SPBP) to prioritise and guide partnership strategy development and implementation
    • Develop business plans based on SPBP priorities to support the investment and development of key partnerships
    • Support and review the Partnership Manager progress to SPBP
    • Align marketing and product development to the SPBP

  2. Refine Systems and Structure

    An organisational culture that values innovation, governance and a performance orientation, supported by systems that are capable of supporting the delivery of best practice services and programs
    • Develop and maintain a Workforce Plan to guide the acquisition and deployment of staff
    • Develop and maintain a Talent Plan
    • Develop and implement a Triage Process to assess and stream all services
    • Establish an Intellectual Property Protection Regime
    • Implement and Monitor Culture Change Processes
    • Create and maintain regular recognition and reward programs
    • Develop and implement a Client Service Evaluation Process
    • I mplement Clinical Governance Processes
    • Review and enhance the WHS & Risk Management Programs
    • IT Systems Review

  3. Enhance Financial Sustainability

    Diversified funding built on a broad and sustainable base, supported by an effective allocation of investments and an organisation wide accountable budgeting process
    • Develop an annual investment plan to prioritise product and service development for Board approval
    • Develop and implement a Board approved annual budget process
    • Identify and implement a business case approval and implementation program
    • Develop and implement a program/service cost analysis process to establish clear benchmarks
    • Conduct a financial review of all facilities and programs to determine optimum
    utilisation of Karitane’s resources (Clinical Services Plan)

  4. Position Products and Services

    Products and services that are leading edge, positioned as Karitane branded that have national and inter national recognition as professional and highly innovative
    • Develop a detailed marketing plan that includes a brand hierar chy and positioning strategy, as well as product and program management plans
    • Implement a Product and Program Review Process
    • Establish a Karitane Research Centre
    • Leverage Technology to Optimise Program and Product Delivery
    • Prioritise Product and Program Innovation
    • Develop and market Educational Programs for Parenting Services

  5. Strengthen Leadership

    A leadership culture that is dynamic and goal oriented, and treats Karitane’s people with respect and dignity in order to support the delivery of innovative high quality services
    • Develop a clear set of leadership values to guide the formation of a Karitane culture based on accountability and responsibility
    • Identify an appropriate leadership training program and prioritise leader training
    • Implement a 360 leadership performance evaluation process to guide leadership development
    • Develop and implement an organisation wide performance manageme nt process
    to set goals, measure outcomes and reward success
    • Identify and implement a Governance Review process for directors and the Board

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