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Deadly Tots

The ‘Deadly Tots-No Gammon’ project is funded by the Aboriginal Child Youth and Family Strategy to develop key culturally appropriate parenting messages and resources about the social and emotional development of young children. These are aimed at Aboriginal families across New South Wales.

Key outcomes of the project are:

  • Deadly Tots Flipchart (for parents).
  • Deadly Tots Height Chart (for parents).
  • Deadly Tots Music CD (for parents).
  • Deadly Tots Website (www.deadlytots.com.au) which has parenting resources specially developed for Aboriginal families with young children.

The Flipchart and Height Chart can be downloaded from the Deadly Tots website. High-quality printed versions and the Deadly Tots Music CD are available from the Karitane Education Department – see below.

Play the Deadly Tots song!


Deadly Tots Painting

Further Information

For questions about Deadly Tots or download their App go to http://deadlytots.com.au/Page/deadlytotsapp

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