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Referral to Karitane services including residential, day stay and outreach is to be made by a health professional only (Child and Family Health Nurse, doctor or social worker – not related to the family). Families cannot self-refer.

******************************************* New Information for Referrer *************************************

Download the GP Letter this is to be completed by client’s GP (child and adult if using either prescribed or over the counter medications. Please also download and print the Consumer Facts for Medication and give to the parent. Karitane is striving to “Promote the best possible medication history” for all of our clients.

Download your guide to making a referral

If you experience difficulty submitting the online form you, it is also available in PDF format to download and complete.

To discuss a referral, please contact Karitane on (02) 9794 2300 or email karitane.referrals@sswahs.nsw.gov.au.

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Note: Doctors may wish to use the Karitane Referral/Physical Health Check form.
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Note: Referrers may wish to access the Edinburgh Depression Scale form.
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Referral Date29/04/17
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