ForWhen Parents and Carers Need Mental Help Guidance

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22 August, 2022

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Mental Health

Pregnancy and parenthood is a time of big change for new parents. What’s often not spoken about are the challenges that can come with it.

Mental health struggles can come in the wake of a pregnancy or when raising an infant and are far more common than many people realise. You’re not alone in how you may be feeling. Other parents are feeling it too. And while it can be difficult, it’s important to realise that there’s help available.

Karitane has joined forces with other early parenting services across Australia to launch this new national initiative supporting the mental health of expectant and new parents. ForWhen provides new and expecting parents – mums, dads, and guardians – with a free, caring, supportive mental health navigation service, to guide you and your family throughout your perinatal journey, from your baby’s conception until their first birthday.

It’s a national support line that connects you to the right service that can help you understand what you’re feeling and provide the guidance and support you need at the right time. All you need to do is call 1300 24 23 22 or visit

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