How To Wrap Your Baby

Wrapping your baby is recommended for babies from birth until about 3-4 months. Research suggests that wrapping helps babies settle, as this helps them feel secure, just like in the womb before birth. Also, the wrap stops your baby from being frightened by jerky arm and leg movements.

  • Newborn babies have reflexes which cause sudden movements of their arms and legs. This may cause them to wake. Wrapping helps to contain these movements. Some babies like to have room to move their arms and a stretchy wrap can provide the security and allow freedom of movement.
  • Wrapping is soothing for some babies and can reduce the risk of SIDS by keeping babies on their backs during sleep.
  • Safety: Always make sure the legs have room to move when you wrap your baby as it helps prevent hip problems.
  • For how to wrap, follow the pictures below, watch the video, or read our Wrapping Your Baby brochure.


The Wrap

A suitable wrap is a light and breathable cotton material which measures about  120cm by 120cm. In colder months, add a sheet and/or blanket if required.



When to Stop Wrapping

For your baby’s safety, once your baby starts to roll over (usually at about 4 months), start loosening the wrap and gradually remove it. This is will stop your baby from becoming tangled in the wrap.

Purchase a Wrap

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