Our Services


Established in 1923, Karitane are respected and trusted service leaders in parenting and targeted early intervention services across NSW. 

Karitane delivers high quality, comprehensive evidence-based parenting services for families, as well as the provision of education and training to healthcare professionals, non-government organisations and corporate partners.

Karitane services and programs are delivered by a highly trained, professional, multidisciplinary team, providing holistic assessments and interventions based on the individual needs of families. Multidisciplinary teams have been shown to lead to significant clinical improvements in a range of areas, including parenting competence, maternal depressive symptoms, maternal anxiety, parenting stress and child behaviours.

Karitane identifies the family needs through a comprehensive centralised intake process, which allows the family to be connected to the right service at the right time and to move between services as their level of need, support requirements or level of risk change. Our wide range of Karitane services include: 

  1. In-Centre Care – parent support interventions delivered through the parenting centres, residential stay units, perinatal infant mental health service (Jade House) and specialised toddler clinic. 
  2. Community Outreach Programs – extensive range of early intervention services which are delivered in the community, and include groups for early parenting education, understanding the emotions of children’s behaviours, emotional coaching for parents, young women in custody parenting, positive parenting, early intervention prevention, young parent in-home support, supported playgroups, teenage pregnancy peer support program, foster carers kinship, and grandparent support program.
  3. Education Services – provided to parents and families, health professionals, staff, students, academic and corporate partnerships.

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