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Recorded Webinars

If you can’t make it to our live Parenting Workshop Webinars or you want to watch at another time with your partner don’t worry we have our popular webinars recorded here.  Just choose a topic from sleep and settling to breastfeeding and watch as our expert Child and Family Health Nurse provides tips and strategies.

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Starting solids

Starting solids can be an exciting time for parents and babies. It may also bring some uncertainty for many parents. When to start, what to give and how much food to give, are common questions parents want answers for. Nutrition and good health go together, this webinar will cover those questions as well as provide some other useful tips for starting solids.

Tricky toddlers and tantrums

Aggression, tantrums, whinging and hyperactivity can be normal in the toddler years, but this can stressful. Here you will learn the skills and strategies to manage the challenging times and improve the quality of your relationship with your toddler.

Toddlers who are fussy eaters

Fussy eating is common in young children, but even though it is common it can be very challenging for parents. Knowing how best to promote a variety of foods and encourage them to actually eat them, can be time consuming, expensive and concerning. Nutrition and good health go together, in this webinar we will talk about fussy eating, what it is and what to do about it. We will also give you tips and suggestions on when and where to get help if needed. 

How to understand food labels

This short webinar will teach you the basics on what to look for when reading food labels. You will learn tips on how to make the healthiest food choices when grocery shopping. We will be using a food label reading card as a guide that you can download from the parent resources section. Take this label reading card with you the next time you are grocery shopping.

Tips on packing a healthy lunchbox

This short webinar will teach you what to pack in your little ones lunchbox and simple tips to make this process easier. You will also learn about food for good nutrition and serving sizes for each child’s age group.

Healthy beginnings Mums, Dads & Bubs for pregnancy and early weeks of birth

One of the big factors in growing a healthy baby is getting the right nutrition. This webinar will provide tips on health and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy. As dads have a big part to play, this session will include tips for dads too. We will have information you can download for use later and you can also type in any questions you may have throughout this workshop and we will do our best to provide clear and current advice for keeping you and your baby healthy.

Responsive sleep for babies and toddlers

Getting enough sleep is very important for everyone in the family. Join us for this webinar where we'll discuss the principles, strategies and top tips for helping you and your child enjoy more sleep.