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Community Programs

We support families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, new migrant and refugee backgrounds and Aboriginal communities.

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Karitane provides a range of community groups and programs to support parents experiencing isolation, teenage pregnancy and mental health challenges. These are provided to families in their own home or in a community setting. 

Programs include:

  • Talking Realities Young Parents Program

  • Village Connect

  • Volunteer Family Connect (VFC) - Volunteer in-home support

  • Karitane Linking Families

  • Family Matters - Teen parents in custody
  • Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC)
  • First Steps Count (FSC) Navigator
  • Family Coaching Service


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Community Programs Referral Form

Commuity Programs

This program offers a fun and relaxing way to study with other young parents and work towards formal qualifications in a Certificate III in Community Services Work from TAFE NSW. We provide free training, childcare and lunch plus links to education and other service providers. On completion of the course you will be guided and supported into further study and have the opportunity to share your story with school students! 

Program is full for 2023

Learn more here


A unique child and family hub designed in partnership with Sonder and Uniting to support parents aged 25 and under who are pregnant or have a child living in South West Sydney.

Learn more here or contact the team at KRTNE-villageconnect@health.nsw.gov.au


Volunteer Family Connect (VFC) - Volunteer in-home support

Offers support to families with children birth to 5 years living in the Macarthur, Wollondilly, Shellharbour and Taree areas. The program trains volunteers and matches them with families in the community. Volunteers provide support to families in their parenting role to adjust to a new baby, cope with multiple children, overcome feelings of isolation and frustration. VFC in Taree specifically supports the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. For more information see the VFC brochure here.

For more information or to apply to be a volunteer:

Shellharbour - Please contact Jaimie Maynard I Volunteer Family Connect Coordinator I KRTNE-CommunityPrograms@health.nsw.gov.au l 0476 411 560 | For more information see the Shellharbour brochure here

Taree - Please contact Sue Martin I Volunteer Family Connect Coordinator I KRTNE-CommunityPrograms@health.nsw.gov.au l 0438 576 385 | For more information see the Taree brochure here

Macarthur or Wollondilly - Please contact Angela Styman I Volunteer Family Connect Coordinator I KRTNE-CommunityPrograms@health.nsw.gov.au l 0447 961 445 | For more information see the Macarthur & Wollondilly brochure here

Karitane Linking Families

Karitane Linking Families provides community programs in Bankstown, Fairfield and Liverpool. Learn more via our brochure.

These services include:

1. Targeted early intervention (case management)

Health education officers work closely with families expecting a baby or who have a child aged up to 5 years, to provide short term, early intervention support (approx. 3-6 months). Families have the opportunity to meet face to face (home visits), by phone and virtually. The team offer assistance with parenting issues such as child development, child behaviour, nutrition, housing, financial literacy and overall family wellbeing. 

2. Supported Playgroups Plus

Operate weekly during school terms in Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool and Oran Park for families with children birth – 6 years. Playgroups provide a safe place for families to develop skills, strategies and support for parenting and child development challenges. It helps to support and educate families on community services, reduce isolation, improve community networks and build confidence. There are 7 groups offered, including groups for specific families who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or Vietnamese.

Learn more about our Lil Possums Aboriginal Playgroup.

Linking Families is located at 130 Nelson Street, Fairfield Heights, NSW, 2165. 

Learn more by calling (02) 9754 2655 or emailing KRTNE-LinkingFamilies@health.nsw.gov.au.

Family Matters - Teen parents in custody

This program supports adolescent parents and other young people in custody at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre to facilitate better outcomes for them and their children. This is achieved through:

1. Building positive parent-child relationships, ensuring child safety during visits and following the parent’s release.

2. Enhancing the parent’s capacity to understand the needs of their child, reducing risk of generational cycle of incarceration.

3. Increasing awareness in parents and staff of needs of children when visiting their parents in custody.

4. Providing universal parenting information and increasing understanding of healthy relationships.


Tel. (02) 9794 2347  Email. KRTNE-VillageConnect@health.nsw.gov.au

Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC)

A community based program called 'Becoming a Parent' run over 8 weeks. Parents participating in the group increase their confidence and knowledge of children's feelings and emotions and build social connections. Potential local parent facilitators may be identified from these groups and provided with training to rung parenting groups (in pairs). Parent facilitators are trained to work in the EPEC program and are paid for their work. They are supported and supervised as peer educators.


Fairfield-  Nadia Faour (EPEC Coordinator) Mon, Thurs & every 2nd Fri 02 9754 2655 

Gloucester, Forster & Taree - Keri Harris (EPEC Coordinator) Tues, Thurs & Fri 0483 369 880Learn more here.

First Steps Count (FSC) Navigator

Karitane is working in partnership with Mission Australia and First Steps Count (FSC) to provide the first point of contact for families accessing the new FSC Hub opening in September 2022. The navigator will support parents to access services they need through the complex local service system. The aim is to improve family functioning, parent/child relationships, increase parental confidence and capacity, improve personal wellbeing, reduce parental stress, promote optimal child development, growth and behaviour and improve connections with the community services.

Where: Mid Coast - Manning Vale 

Taree - Jo Burge (FSC Navigator) 0477 614 813 Email: joanne.burge@health.nsw.gov.au

Learn more here

Family Coaching Service

Individualised family coaching service provided by a professional child and family health professional nurse that concentrates on helping parents improve their knowledge and gain a better understanding on how to strengthen their relationship with their child: Child development e.g. language, movement, cognition and social skills, nutrition, sleep and settling, behaviour awareness and access to community supports.

Where: Miller 2168

Nurse Educator (Karitane - Wednesday & Thursday) Tel. 02 9794 2345 Email: KRTNE-CommunityPrograms@health.nsw.gov.au

For more info please download this flyer.