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Warrawong: Barnardos South Coast Children's Family Centre

Karitane in partnership with Barnardos, provide individual extended Child and Family Health consults to assist you with some of the common parenting challenges (birth to 5 years) that include; sleep and settling, breastfeeding, feeding and nutrition, routines and toddler behaviour.

Consultations - FREE

Initial Consultation

This is your first visit with an expert Karitane Child and Family Health Nurse to understand your baby's daily routine, nutrition, sleeping and development and receive an individualised parenting plan filled with strategies to support your family. 

Duration: 1.5- 2 hours 


Follow Up 

After trying the strategies at home, return for a chat about what worked and what didn’t or to discuss any other parenting issue.

Duration: 30 minutes.


Our Location

13 Greene St, Warrawong NSW 2502