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Parenting Webinars

We offer our popular parenting workshops daily online, just choose a topic important to you and join other parents as our expert child and family health nurse provides tips and strategies. Can't make it to any of the webinars? View our pre-recorded selection of webinars here.

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Sleep and Settling

Sleep tips for babies and toddlers

Getting enough sleep is very important for everyone in the family. Join us for this webinar where we'll discuss the principles, strategies and top tips for helping your baby enjoy more sleep.

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Dec 11th, 10am


Connecting the Dots is a national early childhood nutrition service. It is delivered in partnership with Karitane, a not-for-profit parenting organisation, and the Healthy Beginnings research team at Sydney Local Health District. The program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and aims to improve early childhood nutrition literacy and self-efficacy for parents/carers, health professionals and early childhood educators. 

All webinars are delivered live by an Accredited Practising Dietitian or Child and Family Health Nurse. Each webinar runs for 20-30mins with additional time to answer any questions you have.  

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Nutrition during pregnancy

This webinar will teach you simple tips to improve your health and your baby’s future health, whether you are currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy. The webinar will cover the key nutrients important during pregnancy, foods and drinks to avoid during pregnancy and simple tips on managing nausea, constipation and heart burn.



Breastfeeding your new baby (45 mins)

This webinar will provide tips for successful breastfeeding and dealing with common challenges. Getting off to a good start with breastfeeding your baby in the first few days, weeks or months can really boost your confidence and help your baby settle. You will learn simple tips to on how to get a good latch when feeding, different breastfeeding positions and the signs to look out for when your baby is hungry and satisfied.

Bottle feeding your new baby (45 mins)

This webinar will provide tips for successful feeding when using bottles with formula and/or breastmilk. Getting off to a good start with feeding your baby in the first few days, weeks and early months can really boost your confidence and help your baby settle. You will learn how to feed your baby safely with a bottle and the signs when your baby is hungry and satisfied.

Starting solids

Starting solids can be an exciting time for parents and babies. It may also bring some uncertainty for many parents. This webinar will cover the when, what and how to give, as well as common concerns such as choking and food allergies.

Helping children with fussy eating behaviours

This webinar aims to help parents and carers understand how family, diet, exercise, sleep and oral health may be influencing children’s eating behaviours. It will also provide some practical tips to create positive eating habits along with knowing when to seek further professional help if needed.

Tips on packing a healthy lunchbox

This webinar will provide you with tips on how to pack a healthy lunchbox for your little ones.  We will show you a quick and simple strategy for packing the lunchbox, learn about the recommended portion sizes for your child’s age and look at some lunchbox examples as inspiration to get you going. 

How to understand food labels

This interactive webinar will teach you how to understand food labels to make healthier choices for your little ones. You will learn about the health star rating, how to understand the ingredients list, how to read food labels and get a refresher on the five food groups. You will be given a food label reading card that you can use to help you purchase healthy food products.


Tricky toddlers and tantrums

Aggression, tantrums, whinging and hyperactivity can be normal in the toddler years, but this can be stressful. Here you will learn the skills and strategies to manage the challenging times and improve the quality of your relationship with your toddler.