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Make a Referral

We offer free services (if you have a Medicare card with your baby listed) to support parents and families across NSW.

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All our services are evidence-based and delivered by a highly-trained multidisciplinary team of child and family health nurses, perinatal and infant nurses, mental health nurses, paediatricians, GPs, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

If seeking support, simply complete the referral form and our team will be in touch to organise the right services for you and your family.

Parents - please select ‘self-referral’ from the profession drop down list and add your contact details under referring agent.

Or, to book your free one hour virtual breastfeeding clinic consultation here.

Please ensure parent and child details are as they appear on Medicare card.

Alternative Parent or Carer Details

Presenting Child/ren Details

Child Details (as appears on Medicare card)

Add Child

Unborn Child

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Reasons for Referral

Other Specialists

EDS Form

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