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We know these are challenging and unchartered times and the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly.  We also know that now more than ever parents need support which is why parents can now self-refer by completing the form below (Health Professionals can still use the below form). Once we process your referral our Intake team will make contact to organise the right support for you. 

Parents if you are self-referring, please also enter your first name, last name and email address in the referring agent details.

This application is to be completed by health professionals only. Families cannot self-refer. Once your referral has been processed your client will receive a text from our team to contact Intake and action their referral. 

Family Details

Parent or Carer (That will attend Karitane)

Alternative Parent or Carer Details

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Reasons for Referral

Other Specialists

EDS Form

Referring Agent


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