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Professional Development

Karitane offers professional development and training for health care professionals including nurses, psychologists, childcare workers, nannies and more. Our leadership in education includes the delivery of parent-child interaction therapy training (PCIT), family partnership training, toddler workshops and specialised, tailored workshops, on sleep and settling, brain development and toddlers.

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Connecting the Dots - Early Childhood Nutrition Webinars

Connecting the Dots, a national nutrition service brought to you by Karitane and the Healthy Beginnings research team will be delivering early childhood nutrition webinars accredited through RACGP.

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Webinars for Health Professionals

Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Basics

This free RACGP and APNA accredited webinar is for general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals to learn:

  • Key elements of responsive feeding practices for promoting and supporting continued breastfeeding
  • Key elements of responsive feeding and safe practices for infants who are being offered bottles as their feeding method. 

Please click on an available date to register:


How to support parents with starting solids

This free RACGP and APNA accredited webinar is for general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals to learn:

  • Evidence-based recommendations on the introduction of solids for infants in their first year of life
  • How to reduce the risk of food allergies.





Supporting Children with Fussy Eating Behaviours

This free RACGP-accredited webinar is for general practitioners, nurses and allied health staff to learn:

  • Typical fussy eating behaviours and when to refer a child for a feeding assessment
  • Positive feeding practices to support children with fussy eating behaviours and promote healthy eating and wellbeing.

Talking to families about healthy growth and development

This free RACGP and APNA accredited webinar is for general practitioners, nurses, and allied health professionals to learn to:

  • Assess children’s growth and development using growth charts (birth to 5 years).
  • Develop your skills in working in partnership and communicating effectively with parents and families regarding their child's health.
  • Identify the ecological factors that impact on a child's growth, with a health promotion focus.




Webinars for the Early Childhood Educators, Directors and Cooks

Teaching kids about food

This short interactive webinar provides you with ideas to :

  • Talk to children about food
  • Embed food-based learning experiences within your service
  • Foster a healthy relationship with food.

This online workshop is suitable for educators, directors and early childhood teachers.

Communicating with families about food and children's eating

In this webinar, you will learn strategies for building partnership relationships with parents and communication strategies for promoting healthy nutrition with parents


Supporting children with fussy eating behaviours in Early Childhood Education and Care services

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Identify fussy eating from problem feeding 
  • Identify when a child needs to be referred to a health professional
  • Improve children's eating behaviours.

This webinar is suitable for educators, directors and early childhood teachers.


Feeding babies in early childhood education and care services

This webinar will be delivered by a child and family health nurse and accredited practicing dietitian. The webinar will include information on:

  • Creating a breastfeeding friendly service
  • Responsive bottle feeding
  • Safe storage, preparation and handling of expressed breast milk and formula
  • Introducing solids for infants in their first year of life.

This online workshop is suitable for educators, directors, early childhood teachers and cooks.




Menu planning tips for cooks in early childhood education and care services

This webinar will be delivered by an accredited practicing dietitian. You will be provided with tips and ideas to provide nutritious meals to children, including food requirements, snack ideas, label reading guidelines and ingredient substitutes.

This online workshop is suitable for cooks, educators, directors and early childhood teachers..




Can't make the live times? You can watch the Connecting the Dots recorded webinars via the button below.

Training - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

This training is for practitioners who are new to PCIT or may have had exposure to the intervention but have not received formal training and are looking to gain certification with PCIT International. Please note the training comprises 2 workshops with supervision requirements. There are 4 steps in the process. Karitane is the only organisation with the registered qualifications to train PCIT therapists in Australia. For more details see here.


Family Partnership - Our Foundation for Family Engagement

The foundations for family engagement at Karitane are underpinned by the principles of the Family Partnership Model – supporting families to be engaged in their case planning and increasing successful outcomes. The Family Partnership Model developed over the last 25 years has become an internationally recognised exemplary evidence-based model of care. The model has been disseminated extensively in the UK, where it was originally developed, as well as globally. It is used by a wide range of health, education, social care, and other services to meet the needs of children and families experiencing a wide range of difficulties. Through the use of this evidence-based approach, we ensure families are included and empowered in the process, contributing to family retention and participation in services. Karitane has a formal international agreement with the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust to deliver Family Partnership training.


Parent Education at your Organisation

Karitane’s Education Department has a professional team of qualified child and family health educators who facilitate sessions on a variety of topics such as sleep and settling techniques, when to start on solids, toddler development and behaviour, adjusting to parenthood and more. To make an enquiry, send an email to KRTNE-conferencecentre@health.nsw.gov.au


Masters of Child and Family Health (Karitane)

A formal collaboration exists between Karitane and Western Sydney University to develop and deliver a highly successful postgraduate nursing course – the masters of child and family Health (Karitane). This is offered as a 2-year part-time course and promotes scholarly, educational and clinical placement activities to ensure the delivery of a high-quality tertiary qualification in child and family health, which provides a practice-ready clinician. For more information see here.


Training our Child and Family Health Workforce of the Future

Karitane has been collaborating with Western Sydney University to develop 2 key initiatives to address the ageing workforce in child and family health. This includes an undergraduate rotation at Karitane whilst in the second year of nursing and the development of a comprehensive program for new graduates in the speciality of CFH. This is the first time in NSW a new graduate program has been offered in this speciality. During this 12-month rotation, new graduates are supported and mentored by certified CFH nurses to gain skills in supporting vulnerable parents and their children as well as completing 2 units from the WSU Graduate Certificate of Child and Family Health.

For more information contact Sharlene Vlahos I Director of Education and Business  Development I Sharlene.Vlahos@health.nsw.gov.au