Welcome to your ‘new normal’. There’s a lot to think about when you’re a new dad. As you adjust to fatherhood, you need to look after your baby, yourself and your relationship. Becoming a dad can give you a huge sense of meaning and purpose, but this can also be overwhelming. 

Couples often talk about feeling closer in the days after the birth and a shared excitement about the baby they’ve created. However, when this ‘babymoon’ period wears off and your ‘new normal’ sets in – exhaustion, broken sleep and chores that are hard to put off – most couples find their stress levels go up.

It’s a time of major adjustment in all sort of ways – your identity, responsibilities, routines and relationships are all changing. You may discover that you and your partner have different ideas about family life or parenting. Both of you probably feel like you’re the one making all the concessions, and this can lead to an increase in arguments and tension. In the early days, the key is to stay positive and support each other as you learn how to parent together. Talking with your partner is the best way to deal with these changes and look after your relationship.


Luke Benedictus: Karitane Client and Founder of The Father Hood


"We had two children in quick succession and my life quickly descended into slap stick chaos. It changed every aspect of my life, how I felt about my job, my relationship, everything. I didn’t expect that. When men get together we don’t connect as quickly as dads the way mums do, it’s a shame. We are all going through the same things but we go through them on our own, in isolation. When our boys were almost 2 years old and 6 months, neither of them sleeping, our GP suggested Karitane. We almost didn’t go but we were also desperate. What we found was a crack team of professional baby-whisperers who’ve navigated every childcare issue known to man. The experience changed our lives as parents, arming us with tactics, skills and strategies to make us more confident and competent parents.”

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