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Karitane Annual Report 2022/2023

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21 November 2023

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Annual Reports

We are excited to share our Annual Report 2022/2023 with you, showcasing our highlights, achievements and significant growth this year. This was a monumental year, our centenary year, where we celebrated and acknowledged our foundations and the endurance of great leaders at Karitane who have helped to build and sustain the services that we provide today and also envision the services of the future.

Our teams innovative thinking, exceptional clinical knowledge, skills and rich wisdom have reimagined an inspiring Karitane, which continues to evolve and grow. Together, we are building contemporary, modern services for the future, listening and responding to the needs of parents from all communities whilst respecting and appreciating our history. As longstanding leaders in child and family health services and perinatal infant and child mental health we remain committed to giving children the best start in life. This year we have been able to support over 141,874 lives.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of Karitane, and enocurage you to read the report here.

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