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Village Connect Playgroups - Expression Of Interest

Village Connect and Karitane run multiple playgroups across SouthWest Sydney. Our goal is to support parents to meet other young parents whilst providing access to nurses, educators, OT and Speech Pathologists, Key Workers and more. All our playgroups are fun, relaxed and drop in (so you don’t have to commit to every week).

In our groups we provide information on:

  • Child development
  • Blue books and checks
  • Feeding and transitioning to solids
  • Sleep and settling
  • Routines
  • Play
  • Understanding toddler behavior and more

Location: Run during school terms in various locations

Contact: Village Connect 0447 368 472KRTNE-VillageConnect@health.nsw.gov.au

Eligibility: Parents under 25 years, living in South West Sydney, and have a child to attend this group.

Playgroup parent testimonial:

“When Bub was about 6-7 weeks started coming here and for me it's been life changing, its been good to see that there are other women out there that are in the same sort of similar situations and you know obviously you know, being a bonus as well making, making friends, people who you trust and who can connect you”

About support provided:

“The best bit is just having them available. Being able to just bring it up like it's in like it's casual conversation sort of thing, not having to like book an appointment with someone and then having to talk about it and trying to remember everything, bring it up as you have it every week. It’s easy”

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