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Karitane Services

We support parents, face-to-face and virtually, with challenges around sleep and settling, feeding and nutrition, establishing routines, toddler behaviour, emotional dysregulation, and perinatal infant mental health.

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Your child’s first 2,000 days shapes their future, it is an exciting and challenging time and we are with you every step of the way. Parents can self-refer on-line here. Our team of parenting experts including child and family health nurses, psychologists, social workers, paediatricians and psychiatrists work in partnership with you to increase confidence; resolve concerns; and provide guidance and information on challenges around: sleep and settling, breastfeeding, feeding and nutrition, age appropriate routines, toddler behaviour, adjusting to parenting and anxiety and postnatal depression.

We offer both face-to-face and virtual services for families across NSW with children from birth to five years. Our team work with each family to match the right service to your individual needs and in this new normal access for parents remains easier than ever, parents can self-refer to our services on-line here. For our COVID-19 update see here.

What services are available across NSW?

Careline - Talk to an experienced child and family health nurse about your parenting concerns.

ForWhen - Provides new and expecting parents with a caring, supportive mental health navigation service. It’s a national support line that connects you to the right service that can help you understand what you’re feeling and provide the guidance and support you need at the right time.

Virtual breastfeeding clinic - Virtual consultations with child and family health nurses to support you with breastfeeding. 

Parenting centres - One on one with a child and family health nurse to address your parenting challenges.

Virtual home visits -  Just like the support you would receive at one of our parenting centres but delivered to you in your home (video call).

Residential services - Over 3 or 4 nights receive 24 hour support from our team of health professionals to address your parenting challenges.

Mental health services - Individual consultations supporting mums and dads experiencing post-natal depression or anxiety.

Toddler clinics - We use Parent Child Interaction Therapy providing you with strategies to manage challenging behaviours.

Kids behaviour clinic - Treatment strategies to support families with children 3 - 5 years of age with emotional and behavioural challenges.

Community programs – Evidence based parenting courses, supported playgroups, short term case management and young parent support.

Volunteer Family Connect – Weekly 2 hour home visits from a volunteer providing practical parenting support.

Specialised services – Support for young parents in custody.

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 A quick tip

You can self-refer to our services online.