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Date:13 - 16 August 2024

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Karitane, 138-150 The Horsley Drive, Carramar, NSW, 2163 

The first five years of a child’s life forms the foundation of who they will be. As professionals in the child, family and social services sectors, we are all committed to ensuring every child has the best start to life. 

Working together in partnerships is the foundation that enables us to deliver the best wrap around service for families. At Karitane, we develop impactful partnerships with parents and partners for parents to support the first 5 years of raising a child.  Through our experience in developing integrated care hubs and models of care within the child and family ecosystem, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of collaboration.

We are committed to working with the child and family professional network across health, NGOs, community, education, disability and philanthropic sectors to deliver integrated care and support to parents which is why we are excited to announce this professional development opportunity - Partnership Brokers Training.

Karitane are co-hosting this training with a focus on child and family health. Join us and other leaders across not for profit, government, community and philanthropic sectors for a 4 day training that is not to be missed.
“The training provides a framework that enables shared language, processes, and values for developing, navigating, and sustaining partnerships in the community sector. The experiential nature of the course allows participants to immerse themselves in the content and develop tangible skills that can be applied in practice."   
- Sharlene Vlahos, Director of Education and Business Development Karitane.