Kariane Achieves Best Practice for Current Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation Standards

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22 April 2020

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Karitane has been recognised as being at the forefront of family friendly practices for a number of years. As part of our extensive practices in ensuring that our staff are supported throughout all of their life events and stages, Karitane has sustained accreditation as a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace (BFW) by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA).

Since accreditation was initially attained, Karitane has been assessed annually to ensure that we established, embedded and consistently improved BFW standards within our facilities, policy, practice and workplace culture.

As a result of all of these years of effort, at the completion of the annual re-accreditation assessment in April, We are pleased to announce that Karitane has achieved best practice for current BFW accreditation standards.

BFW Team Leader Olivia Millman, and BFW Re-accreditation Coordinator Anita Volk are both delighted at this outcome. Olivia affirmed 'We are only too pleased to be able to award the recognition of 'BFW best practice' to Karitane. They have consistently demonstrated outstanding support for breastfeeding staff and have strived to provide the best support to their staff when they return to work after having their baby. It is recognised that this can be a challenging time for women, and Karitane is at the forefront of making this transition as straight forward and manageable as possible. Anita, myself and the Australian Breastfeeding Association are proud to call Karitane one of its most dedicated accredited BFW's'

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