Virtual Services Continue Plus Re-introduction of Face-to-Face Services

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27 May 2020

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Mental Health

Karitane responded to COVID-19 with a 100% digital transformation of services to ensure safe and accessible care for families. With the release of the Australian Government’s “3-Step Recovery Plan” we are excited to announce the gradual re-introduction of face-to-face services.

We will continue to offer a range of virtual services which have achieved such positive outcomes for families and exceptional feedback. Our re-introduction of face-to-face services and proposed timeframes are listed below but these will remain flexible and gradual as we receive updates from NSW Health. Our team will work with families to match the right service and delivery depending on each family’s individual needs.

The safety and wellbeing of children and their families is always our highest priority.  As we re-introduce face-to-face services we will be guided by advice from the NSW Public Health Unit, and will be taking all possible precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This includes screening all families and staff attending our services each day, adhering to physical distancing guidelines and introducing a range of enhanced infection control measures including increased cleaning schedules at all sites.

Early Parenting Store Bondi - From June 1st our store will be open for our popular daily parenting groups, numbers will be limited to ensure physical distancing, so book early here. We will slowly increase numbers and are planning for face-to-face individual consultations to be available from July 13th.

Balmain Village Health - Parents can continue to book virtual home visits here, we are planning for face-to-face consultations to start July 13th.  

Oran Park - From July 13th we will be re-introducing face-to-consultations and our parenting groups.

Parenting Centres - From June 1st we will be offering face-to-consultations and from July 13th re-introducing our parenting groups.

Residential Stay - From June 1st we will be opening our Residential Stay Service in Carramar. We will initially limit the number of families so as to ensure we can follow all social distancing recommendations.

Toddler Clinic - From June 22nd we will be offering face-to-consultations.

Mental Health Service - From June 1st we will be offering face-to-consultations and from July 13th re-introducing our parenting groups.

Community Services - We are planning a return to face-to-face services June 22nd



Digital Services Continue

Virtual Home Visits - Just like the support you would receive at one of our parenting centres, but delivered to you in your home. Individual consultations up to 2 hours (video call) with a Karitane Child and Family Health Nurse for parenting challenges relating to sleep and settling, breastfeeding, feeding and nutrition, routines, adjusting to parenting and toddlers. The number of Virtual Home Visits you receive will depend on your individual needs and our Intake team will develop the right support plan for your family.

Virtual Residential Stay - Over four days you will receive up to three Virtual Home Visits a day with a Child and Family Health Nurse. We work in partnership with you to develop strategies to meet your family’s needs and are here to support you morning, afternoon and evening. You will have access to our team of health professionals including GP, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Social Worker to support you every step of the way.

Toddler Behaviour Virtual Support - Aggression, tantrums, whinging and hyperactivity can be normal in the toddler years, but sometimes they can be ongoing and stressful. We provide you with skills and strategies to manage the challenging times and improve the quality of your relationship with your child. This service can include both short term support and more intensive support with Internet-Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Mental Health Virtual Support - Are you, or someone you know, feeling overwhelmed, worried or sad during pregnancy or soon after the birth of a baby? If so, this could be Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD). PMD is very common, 1 in 5 mums and 1 in 10 dads experience it as new parents. Our team are qualified in Perinatal Mental Health and our offering support using Telehealth platforms.

Virtual Breastfeeding Clinic - Karitane Lactation Consultants, Midwives and Child and Family Health Nurses provide breastfeeding support using online consultations and quality resources through the HelpMe Feed app.

Parenting Workshop Webinars - Daily parenting workshops on a variety of topics including sleep and settling, feeding, breastfeeding, toddlers, routines and more. Each webinar is 45 minutes and our expert Child and Family Health Nurse provides tips and strategies with lots of opportunities for you to ask questions. The number of parents in each workshop is limited so our caring and experienced Child and Family Health Nurse can answer your questions and support you.

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