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Parents Self-Refer & 100% Telehealth Services! COVID-19 Response.

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27 March 2020

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Mental Health

Parents Can Now Self Refer! 100% Telehealth Services!

We know these are challenging and uncharted times and want to ensure parents and carers get the support they need. As COVID-19 continues to put increased pressure on the health system we no longer require a GP/health professional referral. We have made access for parents easier than ever, parents can now self-refer on-line here.

We are working closely with Government and NSW Health and as of Monday March 30th all our services will be delivered using Telehealth platforms. We offer a number of services to support families using digital platforms so our caring Karitane professionals can support you in your home. All you need is a smartphone laptop or tablet.

Virtual Home Visits

Individual consultations up to 2 hours (video call) with a Karitane Child and Family Health Nurse for parenting challenges relating to sleep and settling, breastfeeding, feeding and nutrition, routines, and adjusting to parenting. The number of Virtual Home Visits you receive will depend on your individual needs and our Intake team will develop the right support plan for your family.

Toddler Behaviour Telehealth Support

Aggression, tantrums, whinging and hyperactivity can be normal in the toddler years, but sometimes they can be ongoing and stressful. We provide you with skills and strategies to manage the challenging times and improve the quality of your relationship with your child. This service can include both short term support and more intensive support with Internet-Parent Child Interaction Therapy.

Mental Health Telehealth Support

Are you, or someone you know, feeling overwhelmed, worried or sad during pregnancy or soon after the birth of a baby? If so, this could be Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD). PMD is very common, 1 in 5 mums and 1 in 10 dads experience it as new parents. Our team are qualified in Perinatal Mental Health and our offering support using Telehealth platforms.

We are continuing to look at new ways to support families in this challenging time and will be sharing online supported playgroups, parenting workshops and more soon.

Have a questions or query call our Karitane Careline 1300 227 464.

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