Minister Hazzard visits Karitane to launch Virtual Home Visit service

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07 March 2019

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Karitane’s recently launched Virtual Home Visits allow expert Child and Family Health Nurses to consult with families across NSW in a timely, accessible and efficient way. This industry first provides families with comprehensive early intervention via a live web link without the need to leave their homes. It also provides faster support to families on waiting lists and can reduce the need for admission into a parenting support residential unit as well as offering a pathway for continuing care with post-stay follow ups.

In its first six weeks of operation, more than 60 virtual home visits were carried out. Over a third of these were provided to families from rural or regional areas where access to services was previously limited. To celebrate this success, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard visited Karitane to see first-hand how this innovative approach works to support parents. Watching a live demonstration of a virtual home visit, Minister Hazzard stated “I’m delighted that going digital can sometimes mean a parent gets help in days rather than waiting weeks or months to get support in person."

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