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23 April 2020

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Mental Health

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karitane transitioned 100% of its services into digital platforms, so we can continue to support families during these challenging times.

Debbie and baby Jake, were one of the first families to be transitioned to our new Virtual Residential Stay service.

The Virtual Residential Stay is over four days and you receive up to three Virtual Home Visits a day with a Child and Family Health Nurse. We work in partnership with you to develop strategies that work for you and your family, and are here to support you, morning, afternoon and evening. You have access to our team of health professionals including GP, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Social Worker to support you every step of the way.

This morning our Director of Education and Business Development and highly experienced Child and Family Health Nurse Sharlene Vlahos, featured on Studio 10, alongside Debbie and baby Jake, to share their story.

Debbie was watching the news every day with all the COVID changes and restrictions and then she got the call, her Residential Stay was going to be virtual. She was as you can imagine initially disappointed and not sure how this would work. But then over 4 days she had multiple virtual home visits every day, consultation with GP and Paediatrician.

Jake was up every hour or two through the night, I was having very little sleep and this coupled with isolation was hard. When I got the call that the residential stay was going to be virtual, I have to say I was disappointed, I was having very little sleep and this coupled with isolation I really felt the blow. I thought at the time video calls compared to a weeks stay wasn't really any comparison, I was later pleasantly surprised it was much more. All the nurses I had were fantastic. They were so knowledgeable, caring and flexible. Such a friendly face to wake up to each day. When you are essentially inviting the nurses in to your home and in to your environment it is super important that you feel comfortable. With the Karitane nurses I felt like I had them around for a cuppa and a chat rather than it being very clinical and formal. I had a number to always call throughout the day and having the text options was even better. Being able to practice what you speak about with the nurses in your own home and having Jake in his own cot was a real advantage. Having the nurses on headphones whilst settling. This was fantastic they got to hear Jake cry and tell me when to pick him up and put him back down etc. I had a great experience and have learnt so much. Jake is improving more and more everyday and our family unit is adjusting well to all the changes. If I can take one good thing from Isolation it is having the time to invest in Jakes sleeping pattern and as a family we have so much time now to spend together and to work on what works for us whilst implementing everything the nurses at Karitane have suggested. If and when number 2 comes along I will be sure to remember everything I have learnt.” 

Watch the full video below;

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